Safety recommendations by end of year and Christmas holidays

Safety recommendations by end of year and Christmas holidays

A few days after Christmas and new year’s Eve activities increase. Shopping malls, travel with friends, social events, through to high night monopolize the time of most Ecuadorians. While these activities, crime want to make your own, so more caution should be taken . Please visit Christmas Lights Installation El Paso
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The national police based in the Metropolitan District of Guayaquil (DMG) has a brigade Anti Criminal expert in knowing the actions of the underworld, with this knowledge the uniformed planned strategies to combat it. Colonel Luis Carrión, head of the BAC, offered the following safety recommendations to protect yourself during these days of more hustle and bustle. Go here Christmas Light Installer El Paso  and here Christmas Lights Installation El Paso

As passerby

If you explore the city or attend places with much agglomeration of people it is best to consider:

-Before leaving, take off your portfolio or wallet valuables
-Stay alert when walking, if someone followed him entering a UPC or look for a policeman
-Do not leave your bag, try to take it forward and more near you.
-Do not place your cell phone in the sight of all
-Do not count money on the street

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In shopping centers

These places are preferred by the antisocial, follow these tips:

-If you are shopping to avoid carrying children, if it is absolutely necessary to go accompanied by another adult who help care for them
-Do not remove large wads of money against all, or count in front of them. Before leaving home make groups of $20, $50 or $100 for it easier at the moment of paying.
-While it is tested clothing or shoes not neglect its portfolio and packages
-To pay, not lose sight of your debit or credit card if you look to the scanean in different aparados ask for explanation to a superior of the warehouse
-If you feel that you look at it or continue persistently, enter any premises where there are few people and if the risk continues contact the police immediately.

With his home
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If you must leave your home alone for several hours or days Note:
-Enter your address in the program “Safe house”, zoom in on the nearest community police unit and advise the gendarmes that his home will be uninhabited and ask them to be pending of the same.
-Install an alarm system
-Notify a neighbor in their confidence the time that will remain absent
-Do not post on social networks that you are travelling and that less will do with your family
-Before leaving check that all doors are closed.
-Let a trusted person copies of his house keys
-Locate the numbering and the name of the street in visible, well-lit place, so that in an emergency (police, fire brigade, Red Cross, etc.) relief agencies could reach easily.
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